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Rewriting this section now.

If you are here for my art this is not your place. I have my own graphic community so go and check it out!


IF you here for me, feel free to stick around. I won't lock every entry, I will still post crack, fics, vids and whatever comes to my mind, but my personal entries will remain locked.

I do not friend back only people I know or got to know through comments, we chat a lot and we ended up liking each other. That's the way it should be. I want to know the people on my friends list. I don't want to be a stranger. So I will keep it that way.

If you still wanna friend me drop here a note. I would highly appreciate it :)

JIB con ticket!! URGENT, SOS!
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Hi everyone!

It's getting very urgent for me to sell my ticket. Please please, if you know anyone who might be interested let me know. I am okay to sell my tickets separated. So if somebody just wants an Angel Pass or the Photo Ops I'm open to it.

Here is my ebay listing for the Angel Pass:

I need to sell it in the next 2 weeks. Please help!

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JIB ticket - FOR SALE!
Jared & nyaubaby @ Asylum 09
Hello Everyone!

Long time no see :(
I should write detailed post telling how good I'm doing but that should be a subject of another post :)

The reason why I'm writing this is because I know I won't be able to attend JIB this year. I was so excited last year to buy my ticket and be part of the buzz but I fell out of fandom pretty much and I don't see the point going. Besides financially I can't really afford it.

SO, here is the thing! I invested in the tickets and I would like to get that money back. Unfortunately I used paypal so they had handling fees. So whoever buys the tickets, would have to count with that fee as well.

What I offer to sell as a package and not separate:
- 1 Angel Pass (AP261)
- 1 Jared Photo Op
- 1 Jensen Photo Op
- 1 Jensen + Jared Photo Op

price is negotiable!

Please comment here if you are interested. I wanted to offer this to my f-list first and then go out in public ;)

So anyone? I heard it will be good fun, lol.
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I am alive
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Hi everyone,

I know that I have been MIA lately as usual. I have been busy at work, and in my personal life as well. I am going through some massive and big changes and that requires my full attention.

Lately I got some comments about my stuff, and I am still very happy that you guys appreciate what I did/do but I don't know if I will have any time in the future to stay in fandom and be up to date with everything. I feel I'm left out (with good reason) and I don't know anything anymore. This is not me complaining this is me stating the fact that I know was bound to happen sooner or later.

Because of this I will sell my JIB ticket as well. I will put up a separate post in the next couple of days and trying to sell:
- My Angel Pass (AP261)
- Jared photo op
- Jensen photo op
- J2 photo op.

If somebody is thinking of buying it, then you have a couple of days to decide. I will put down the details shortly.

In other news, I feel very good. My life is moving towards a direction I never thought I will see. My personal life is a bit wacky at the moment, but the fact that I actually have a personal life fills me with glee. I am still very into photography and I keep updating my <a href="http://6-art.com/photoblog>photoblog</a>, if you have forgot ;) A couple of months ago I visited Zo'e in Australia, and I am still working on the photos to get some decent quality out, but I am posting them one by one. I know I haven't been checking my Friends page for some time as well, and I don't want to loose connection with you guys. So What everybody has been up to?

Gloomy Brighton
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I have visited Brighton last Friday on my day off.
The weather wasn't good, it was raining and I got wet, however I had fun as I went down to meet with a friend.

We spent a nice day together, and I got some gloomy photos out of it.

Under the Cut :)

Even Brighton looks better in Black and White ;)

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London Pride 2010
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I have promised to share some photos of London Pride last week.

I have been sick so I just went out for a couple of hours to see what was all the buzz about. I haven't even got the chance to see the whole march but did see a couple of fun guys at Trafalgar and Soho later.

I am watching the World Cup now, but they are down on the ground more kicking each other than the ball. So helping to ease my boredom I'm posting the photos.

Well enjoy :)

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Scotland is the BEST place on EARTH! :)
|FRIENDS| - Rachel - YAYz
Hi People,

I know I haven't been around much. I wanted to give a quick update as again I got some worried emails... you guys are awesome :D

Well first of all I'm sick AGAIN! I have been working crazy hours lately! I counted and in June I worked more than 230 hours overall, which I think is INSANE.
I have 4 projects and working my way through, but got sick last week. My boss was so kind to send me home on Thursday and when I got home I hit the shack and slept for like 3 hours I was so tired.
Yesterday I didn't feel any better and I even got a slight fever. My throat is killing me and I cannot swallow (don't laugh ;)).

But all in all I'm doing good. I was visiting Scotland for 5 days a month ago and had the BEST time ever! So Let me post a couple of pictures to cheer myself up.
The weather was SUPERB, really enjoyed every minute of it.

No photoshop on them cause I'm lazy shit :)

Scotland Ghosttour Pics 2010Collapse )

I haven't got time to read any bigbangs yet. Can you Rec me?! I want to read something good at least when I AM IN BEDREST AND THERE IS THE LONDON PRIDE TODAY!!!! *cries*

eta: I might actually go out for 2 hours :P I cannot say no to the ghayz ;)

Email spam
Hi everyone,

I have to post about this because I'm not sure who is affected.
Last night it seems my yahoo email account got hacked by a spammer and sent a couple of Russian links to my contacts (apparently viagra links). If you were one of them, I am so very sorry, I couldn't prevent it.

I changed my password, and I can pray that this was a one time thing. If you receive anything more from me which is spammy, please let me know.

Many thanks guys!

Swan Song..
|SN| - S/D - brothers
Supernatural... This is definitely end of an ERA!

In the last 5 years I have been religiously following Supernatural and the boys. And what I experienced last night I never thought I would. I was crying from the first 5 minutes until the screen blanked out.

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On another note. I closed the download. Please don't email asking for the poster anymore. It was for limited time only, and already more than 65 people downloaded it. Thank you for the great response :)

Supernatural, the epic love story of Sam and Dean.

p.s. posting with one of the FIRST icons I made for Supernatural. It's been a LONG LONG road...

BBing or not BBing?
sn - bigbang - Jared
QUESTION: Who is doing bigbang this year from my flist?!!!
QUESTION2: You writing or arting?!

Answers in this order :)

I still hasn't signed up for doing art. Seems like that Zoe is dropping out so I can't make art for her... BUT this leaves me with the usual options... Do or NOT to do?!
The last 2 years I wasn't always lucky to get stories I could engage myself with (I'm not saying the writer wasn't good, I'm just saying my style was different from their personality,so I know I could have been better...)

Discuss!! and yeah, pls help? *puppy eyes*